Mental Health & Substance Abuse

At the NCACC's 2014 Annual Conference, President Ronnie Beale established a special task force to develop educational programming for counties on local mental health needs. As the Association and its members continue their work on mental health, substance abuse, and other related topics, this page will be updated with resources to help you navigate this issue in your county.  

The History of Mental Health Services in NC: 1990-2000

MH 90s

The History of Mental Health Services in NC: 2000-present

MH 2000s

County Snapshots - Interactive Maps by NCACC's Research Department

County Research

Reports & Presentations

Stepping Up Initiative (NACo)

The Released, a PBS Documentary - What happens to the mentally ill when they leave prisons? Why do they return at such an alarming rate?

The New Asylums, a PBS Documentary - There are nearly half a million mentally ill people serving time in America's prisons. Have these institutions become our new asylums?

  1. NC PIC: Stepping Up Summit a Success

    Thirty-four counties were represented. Read on...
  2. Mental health forum participants call for end of treatment stigma

    A call for ending the stigma of seeking help was a repeated theme during the May 6 Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Public Forum in Warrenton. Read on...
  3. Opioid forum is pilot for statewide program

    Davidson County Commissioner Fred McClure wants all counties in the state to bring together people to address the opioid epidemic spreading throughout the nation. Read on ...
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