Fall Risk Management Seminars

The NCACC Risk Management Pools hosted a series of five educational seminars for members and potential members during the last two weeks of October, 2015. The sessions were led by Risk Management Deputy Director Charlie Eaton, with the assistance of Risk Control Manager Bob Carruth. They consisted of a team-oriented, real-life case study session, coupled with an interactive iVOS claims system training session. Designed for persons in pool member counties who are actively involved in the day-to-day risk management process for their county or county entity, the five seminars were attended by 82 county and county entity employees representing 46 counties and 5 county entities.

During the seminar sessions, participants were placed in teams, given case scenarios and asked to jointly evaluate the scenario and provide their assessments. These interactive sessions provided participants the opportunity to receive and share insights from NCACC Risk Management staff members, Sedgwick staff and fellow participants.

The iVOS training session addressed the workings of the iVOS claims system and the data available to participants to assist them in their risk management functions. There was also an overview of techniques available to manipulate claims data to file mandated reports and to further enhance the participants' individual assessments.

Carruth also presented a brief overview of newly offered or expanded Risk Control resources, including the Best Practices risk control library, the CountyFlix online streaming safety video program, and the new CountyCollege online safety training management program.

Pool members may request copies of the Seminar presentation and the handouts distributed at these sessions by contacting RMP@ncacc.org or calling Risk Control Resources Librarian Kathy DeMay (919.719.1117). Pool members may also contact Charlie Eaton (919.719.1130 or charlie.eaton@ncacc.org) or Bob Carruth (919.719.1150 or bob.carruth@ncacc.org) with any followup questions or concerns.