2016 County Grassroots Advocacy Meetings with Legislators

The General Assembly’s 2016 short session begins on April 25th and critical county issues will be discussed. We are reminded that YOU are our best advocates with the General Assembly as we work together to lay the groundwork for advancing and addressing key county issues. We ask each county to schedule a meeting with your legislative delegation before the NCACC district meetings in March/April to discuss county concerns and gather feedback from your legislators. The following materials were included in your packet:

  • Instructions for Meeting Facilitator to help the facilitator conduct the meeting with legislators.
  • A Legislative Feedback Form for recording notes from meeting with your delegation. Please bring the completed form to the March/April NCACC District Meeting. If your county is unable to attend, please send the form to your District Director for them to report.
  • A list of your District Directors in case you are unable to attend the NCACC District Meetings.
  • “Thank You” cards to send to your legislators after your meeting.
  • A series of Legislative Briefs on school board lawsuits, local revenue options and broadband access to give you more background for discussion of some key county issues. 
  • An updated 2016 Legislative Goals Booklet for county commissioners and staff outlining the short session goals, NCACC advocacy contacts and all goals adopted by the NCACC membership.
  • Palm Cards for legislators outlining NCACC’s goals for the 2016 short session and related key points.  

Please contact  Amber Harris at (919) 715-7654 for more information.