County Map Book

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The NCACC Map Book is a geographical presentation of essential county indicators that reflect the current state of North Carolina's counties. The data depicted came from a variety of state and federal resources and represents the most recent data available for each indicator.

The indicators chosen for display are a subset of the indicators used in the NCACC State of the Counties Database. County commissioners from across the state selected these indicators as the best available data to portray important county and community characteristics.

The data reflected on the maps were separated into four or five determined benchmark breaks within each data set. This allows for comparisons to the benchmarks as well as peer counties. The data were left intact when provided as a rate or percentage from its source. When a rate or percentage was not provided, the raw data were normalized using certified population numbers to allow for comparisons across counties when possible.

The NCACC Map Book consists of maps grouped in seven broad categories: Demographics, Agriculture, Economics, Education, Environment, Health and Human Services, and Justice and Public Safety. Each map describes the data by title and legend. The source of the data is included for each map. 

The maps utilize a five-color scheme where red represents the highest percentage, rate, or extreme; yellow represent the moderate percentage, rate, or value; and blue represents the lowest percentage, rate, or extreme for the given indicator. White was used in some instances when there was no data reported for that indicator. The colors are not an indicator of good or bad but help the reader understand the statewide dynamics.

2013 Population Estimate
Median Age
Population Under 18
Population Over 65
Population Change (2010-2013)

Farm Acreage
Taxbase Value Deferred


Personal Income
Children in Poverty
Percent in Poverty


Community College Enrollment
Four-Year Cohort Graduation Percentage
High School Dropout Rate
County per Pupil Expenditures
State per Pupil Expenditures
Federal per Pupil Expenditures
Total per Pupil Expenditures


Solid Waste

Health and Human Services

Active Primary Care Physicians
Infant Mortality Rate
Population 19 to 64 Uninsured
Teen Pregnancy 15-19
Children Under DSS Placement

Justice and Public Safety

Property Crimes
Violent Crimes
Total Crime Index