Five commissioners become county ambassadors

Five commissioners have completed the requirements to become the first County Ambassadors. Commissioners Jennifer Roberts (Mecklenburg), Viola Harris (Edgecombe), Kenneth Edge (Cumberland), Carl Ford (Rowan) and Ronnie Beale (Macon) made the required 10 public speaking appearances to discuss county government and have earned the designation of 2012 County Ambassador.

The NCACC Board of Directors approved the creation of a County Ambassadors Program as a special initiative during Commissioner Edge’s tenure as NCACC President in 2011-12. Designed and developed by staff members of Strategic Goal Team 1, the program recognizes commissioners who actively engage citizens and the media in understanding more about the role and importance of county government.

“It is important for citizens to understand what counties do,” said Edge. “And who better to educate our constituents than commissioners. If we can engage our citizens in understanding what counties do, it will help alleviate some of the negative perceptions that citizens have of government.”

Commissioners who make a minimum of 10 public speaking engagements where they discuss county government will be recognized as a County Ambassador.