County Election Methods

, increaUpdated October 2018
County Election Methods

County No. of Comms. Election Method Combined Description Terms of Office Mgr. Title Footnotes
Alamance 5 al 4S Manager
Alexander 5 al 4S Manager
Alleghany 5 al 4S Manager
Anson 7 d 4S Manager
Ashe 5 al 2/4S Manager
Avery 5 al 2/4S Manager
Beaufort 7 l 4S Manager 1
Bertie 5 dal 4S Manager
Bladen 9 m 6d; 3al; l 4S Manager 2
Brunswick 5 dal 4S Manager
Buncombe 7 cda 6d; 1al 4 Manager 3
Burke 5 al 4S Manager
Cabarrus 5 al 4S Manager
Caldwell 5 al 4S Manager
Camden 5 dal 3d; 2al 4S Manager
Carteret 7 dal 4S Manager
Caswell 7 cda 5d, 2al 4S Manager
Catawba 5 al 4S Manager
Chatham 5 dal 4S Manager
Cherokee 5 cda 4 Manager
Chowan 7 cda 6d; 1al 4S Manager 4
Clay 5 al 4 Manager
Cleveland 5 al 4S Manager
Columbus 7 d 4S Manager
Craven 7 d 4 Manager 5
Cumberland 7 cda 5d; 2al 4S Manager
Currituck 7 cdal 2al; 5dal 4S Manager
Dare 7 cda 6d; 1al 4S Manager
Davidson 7 al 4S Manager
Davie 5 al 4S Manager
Duplin 5 d 4S Manager
Durham 5 al 4 Manager
Edgecombe 7 d 4S Manager
Forsyth 7 cda 1al; 6d 4S Manager 6
Franklin 7 cda 2al; 5d 4S Manager
Gaston 7 dal 4S Manager
Gates 5 dal 4S Manager
Graham 5 al 4 Manager 7
Granville 7 d 4S Manager
Greene 5 al 4S Manager
Guilford 9 cda 8d; 1al 4S Manager
Halifax 6 cda 3d; 3al 4S Manager
Harnett 5 d 4S Manager
Haywood 5 al 4S Manager
Henderson 5 dal 4S Manager
Hertford 5 dal 4S Manager
Hoke 5 al 4S Manager
Hyde 5 dal 4S Manager
Iredell 5 al 2/4S Manager
Jackson 5 cda 4dal; 1 al 4S Manager 3
Johnston 7 dal 4S Manager
Jones 5 al 4 Manager
Lee 7 cda 3al; 4d 4S Manager
Lenoir 7 cda 2al; 5d 4S Manager
Lincoln 5 al 4S Manager
Macon 5 dal 4S Manager
Madison 5 al 4S Manager
Martin 5 l 4S Manager 8
McDowell 5 al 4S Manager
Mecklenburg 9 cda 3al; 6d 2 Manager
Mitchell 5 al 2/4S Manager
Montgomery 5 cda 2al; 3d 4S Manager
Moore 5 dal 4S Manager
Nash 7 d 4S Manager
New Hanover 5 al 4S Manager
Northampton 5 al 4S Manager
Onslow 7
al 4 Manager 11
Orange 7 cdal 2al; 5d 4S Manager
Pamlico 7 cdal 2al; 5d 4S Manager
Pasquotank 7 cdal 3al; 4d 4S Manager
Pender 5 dal 4S Manager
Perquimans 6 l 4S Manager 1
Person 5 al 4S Manager
Pitt 9 d 4S Manager 9
Polk 5 al 2/4S Manager
Randolph 5 dal 4S Manager
Richmond 7 al 4S Manager
Robeson 8 d 4S Manager
Rockingham 5 al 4S Manager
Rowan 5 al 4S Manager
Rutherford 5 dal 4S Manager
Sampson 5 d 4S Manager
Scotland 7 dal 4S Manager
Stanly 7 al 4S Manager
Stokes 5 al 4S Manager
Surry 5 dal l 4S Manager
Swain 5 al 4 Manager
Transylvania 5 al 4S Manager
Tyrrell 5 l/al 4S Manager 10
Union 5 al 4S Manager
Vance 7 d 4S Manager
Wake 7 dal 4S Manager
Warren 5 dal 4S Manager
Washington 5 cda 4d; 1al 4S Manager
Watauga 5 dal 2/4S Manager
Wayne 7 cda 1al; 6d 4 Manager
Wilkes 5 al 4S Manager
Wilson 7 d 4 Manager
Yadkin 5 al 2/4S Manager
Yancey 5 al 2/4S Manager
TABLE ABBREVIATIONS Election method and descriptions:
al = All commissioners nominated and elected at large (pure at large).
d = All commissioners nominated and elected by district (pure district).
dal = Residence in district required, but nominated and elected at-large.
l = Limited voting plan.
cda = Combination of pure district and pure at large seats.
cdal = Combination of pure at large seats with some seats requiring residency in districts, but still nominated/elected at large.
S = If S appears beside length of term, means not all seats are up for election in the same year. TABLE FOOTNOTES 1. Limited voting system. Candidates file as a group for open seats and voters may vote for only 1 candidate. Both primary and general election results are determined by plurality.
2. Six members elected to numbered seats from 3 2-member districts; 3 at-large members elected concurrently. Primary result is determined by plurality, with each voter limited to 1 vote.
3. Chair elected separately.
4. Six members elected to numbered seats from 3 2-member districts for staggered 4-year terms; at-large member elected for 4-year term.
5. Two members nominated and elected by district; 5 nominated by district and elected at large across the 5 remaining districts.
6. One 2-member district; 1 4-member district; 1 at-large member.
7. Member elected with highest number of votes serves as chair.
8. Limited voting plan. One 2-member district; 1 3-member district. Voters in 2 member district may vote for only 1 candidate. Voters in 3-member district may vote for 2 candidates.
9. Six single-member districts; 3 consolidated districts formed by combining single-member districts.
10. Commissioners are elected at-large with a limited voting plan. Primaries are conducted on a partisan basis, with the top vote-getters in each party moving to the general election.
11. Voters in Onslow County approved referendum in 2016 to add two Board seats, increasing the Board from 5 to 7 members.