Community Eye Care

Community Eye Care (CEC) is a North Carolina vision benefits company that administers voluntary vision plans for employers across the state. For a number of reasons, Community Eye Care has become the vision plan of choice in North Carolina:
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  1. Simplicity of Plan Design: The CEC vision plan is simple and very easy to understand. Members receive a routine eye examination once per year plus an allowance for eyewear. The allowance acts like a credit. It can be applied to any glasses or contact lenses in the doctor's dispensary. Members do not have to choose from a limited selection of "plan eyewear."
  2. Outstanding Provider Network: Community Eye Care’s commitment to quality is reflected in its panel of providers. Both optometrists and ophthalmologists participate, and geographic coverage is excellent in both rural and metropolitan areas. All of the major retail optical chains also participate.
  3. Carolina Company: Companies indigenous to the Carolinas appreciate the fact that CEC is headquartered in Charlotte. They understand that a local company will be accessible, knowledgeable about the region, and responsive to the needs of both the employer and their employees.
  4. Substantial Savings for Members: Individuals and families can reduce their annual eye care costs by 50%, 60%, or, in some cases, as much as 70%. Note, too, that the CEC vision plan entails fewer out-of-pocket costs than is the case with other vision plans.
  5. No Cost to the Employer: As a voluntary, employee-paid benefit, the CEC vision plan enhances an employer's benefits package without adding to the employer's costs.