North Carolina Property Tax System

The North Carolina Property Tax System (NCPTS) is a resource available to counties to streamline and optimize all aspects of the property tax process. It is built on software developed by an innovative North Carolina-based company, Farragut, and includes many beneficial features:

  • Consistent application of property tax law by NCPTS counties through best business practices
  • Intuitive system based on established best practices and standards
  • Automated appraisals, billing and collections allow county staff to effectively administer the property tax process
  • Thorough training and maintenance support
  • Collaborative nine-member Oversight Committee that serves to continuously improve NCPTS and promote best practice sharing among member counties
  • Proactive consultation and legislative monitoring of tax-related developments by David Baker, NCACC Director of Tax and Revenue Outreach and former Director of the Local Government Division of NC Division of Revenue

Counties can increase property tax collections with NCPTS

Counties across the state approach property tax appraisal, billing and collections in varied ways. Some methods lead to more fair and equitable appraisals for taxpayers and higher collections rates, providing more money to fund county programs and services. For the past five fiscal years, NCPTS members have achieved collections rates 1-2% higher than those counties that do not use NCPTS. That translates to millions of dollars in revenue available to counties. The higher collection rates among NCPTS members are a testament to the efficacy of the system and consultation and support members receive.

David BakerTo learn more about NCPTS, contact NCACC Director of Tax and Revenue Outreach David Baker at (919) 715-4365 or

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NCPTS Oversight Committee

Chair: Michael Taylor, Pitt County

Amy Brantley, Henderson County

John Burgiss, Forsyth County

Ben Chavis, Guilford County

Debra Hill, Randolph County

Danny Isenhour, Burke County

Lori Mathes, Catawba County

Bobby Parker, Beaufort County

Alan Lumpkin, Wayne County